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Managing Email Realistically

Added on by Kevan Loy.

To effectively manage our email, we have to accept a few basic truths. They’re hard truths, but that only makes them even more valuable. Here they are:

  1. What’s important to other people is not (as) important to you.
  2. You are inherently lazy and egocentric.
  3. Ruthlessness is a hell of a time-saver.

Matt Gammell has some great suggestions for taking care of your huge inbox queue. Truth be told, mine was pushing 20K.

This gave me the motivation to start tackling it.

↬ The Beard AKA Jim Dalrymple

Update: Several hours later and I'm still working on it; 17,343 messages still in the inbox. Also, somewhere between 873 and 1,378 messages iCloud will give you an error about deleting too many messages.